Friday, July 24, 2009

nadz | zaza | laila

mish all of them.
its been so long that i havent seen their face
n finally we meet each other.
really mish them
n the funny thing is,when i and nadz nk blik.nadz not feeling well.
so she asked to drive her car(manual)
n in confidentally i said no probs honey.
(padahal dlm hati dah cuak nk mati ni coz dah lupe nk bwk manual cmne)
then i started the engine.
then baru je masuk gear i terlupe kne angkt clutch pelahan2/
ape ag.tersengguk kete tuh!
hahahahaa.then nadz dgn x laratnye terpkase bwk kete gak
tp nadz ni sihat x sihat bwk kete nk laju.hahahaa

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my presentation was the bomb!

i just came back form my Listening n Speaking class.
n i just done my individual presentation.
n i kind of satisfied with my presentation coz i have a beautiful visual aids!

i was doing this with mama leyyka. so she be the model of this visual aids.
but i kind of disappointed with my presentation coz i repeat a lot of "aaaaa" thats make me sad a little bit.but who cares!
i did the best!:)

Monday, July 6, 2009

we are on the paper!!!!

this thing was so funny.
i never thought that i will be on the paper.
but when i was sitting and checking my mail,syafiq and ossay text me and informed us that we are on the paper.
at first i thought that they wanted to trick us.
tp bile dah beli that paper n tgk with my own eyes,
gile terkejut!!hahahaha.

we are on the entertainment site,and my pictures with my friends when we went to THE URBANSCAPES 2009.
so i was wondering,in many2 people and friends and community there,why they picked our picture and publish it?
am i a rockstar?hahahha.
no!!maybe that they wanted to show the people what we get. and that is called FRIENDS!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

new shoes!!new shoes!!

so after elaun dah masok.
i think i might be a little crazy.
em no..a lot.fine!!major!!..
so i went to shopping(it wasn't a real shopping actually.i just want to brought shawls.
but i unconsciously brought 2 pairs of shoes.

hahahahaa.these are my new i thought it is enough la and i dont want to buy shoes anymore for this sem(boleh percaya ka??)
wish me luck guys.
i dont want to be a shopaholic.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

p ja!!! u jahat!!! imy!!!

pja.. why u have to be so cruel to me?
why u left me without saying goodbye to me?
omg.pja i already mish u so much.
why keep this secret from me?
npe perlu dr org laen yg bgtau i?
pjaa.i mish u sngt2.
i promise i akan tabah k.
i love u .
from your gumuk.