Sunday, October 25, 2009

GOMBAK, here I come!!!

after all the long and hard way, i finally pass all my examination.
after this i'll be doing my degree at IIUM GOMBAK.
so people, u better watch out, because there is new girl rules the town!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i miss them. fullstop.

hye all. its been pretty bored here at sabah. i actually kinda not liking to be here. always get scolded from my mum and dad, they said that i'm still not matured yet,
n my attitude is annoying,whatsoever lah! i just cant wait to go back to semenanjung.


budak group math n fizik
budak group english.
budak group il n programming.

more lonely days without 'tatak'

huh. i have a story to tell u. when the time that i wanted to go to sabah. i want to bring along tatak. but unfortunately, my dad doesn't allow me to bring it, because he wanted me to bring some stuff for my mummy, (it was heavy duhh) . so i just put it at my uncle's house. now i really really miss him . n the person who gave me that.
huhhhh. now i am staying in sabah, my second house with my other 8 relatives that just arrived yesterday. the funny part is my cousin was cannot stop saying that sabah is so boring . hahahaha. agreed with that. actually sabah wasnt boring enough. it just u must have money and transportation to go to a lot of interesting places here, but tonight maybe we will go to pasar kg.air. at that pasar, seller sells a lot of stuff. from souvenir to pearls, u name it. hahaha. ok gtg. till then. daa

Saturday, October 10, 2009

boring boring n boring!!

actually i really2 wanted to edit my blog dah ntah hape jadi dah kt sini pon i x tau.
i have the time. but i still dont know what i'm gonna to do with this blog.hahaha.
humm.nothing happen to me lately.just falling for someone (again) but then i think i'm not existed in his life, then there was a guy who wanted to know me deeper, but i dont have the feel to start a relationship rite now. then bla bla bla. huh. haaa. lupe nk ckp. sabah?? BORINGGG!! always get scolded from my mum. kinda boring rite here. n maybe the last sentences might get you guys shock but i am hoping that i failed in my final exam, mybe 1 paper so i can go to semenanjung early!hahahahahahaa

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

holiday yg sanggatttttttttttttttt lameeeeeeeeeeee!!

2 months??nk buat ape 2 bulan?
meronggeng pon x lame mcm ni lah!!


now ngah layan tv je lah kt sabah ni

rindu kila n leyka,
syg dorg sngt,