Sunday, October 11, 2009

more lonely days without 'tatak'

huh. i have a story to tell u. when the time that i wanted to go to sabah. i want to bring along tatak. but unfortunately, my dad doesn't allow me to bring it, because he wanted me to bring some stuff for my mummy, (it was heavy duhh) . so i just put it at my uncle's house. now i really really miss him . n the person who gave me that.
huhhhh. now i am staying in sabah, my second house with my other 8 relatives that just arrived yesterday. the funny part is my cousin was cannot stop saying that sabah is so boring . hahahaha. agreed with that. actually sabah wasnt boring enough. it just u must have money and transportation to go to a lot of interesting places here, but tonight maybe we will go to pasar kg.air. at that pasar, seller sells a lot of stuff. from souvenir to pearls, u name it. hahaha. ok gtg. till then. daa