Monday, February 1, 2010

hummm. ta faham lah.

ta faham ngan perasaan ini.
ta faham dgn hidup ini.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mid break is just around the corner. !

hehehe. i just finished doing my UNGS 2030's mid term exam n tomorrow there will be Dicrete math's exam. hosh. n by the holidays, i must look for any evidence that can related to post-modernism or smtnhg like that. n not to forget about case project about IBM. ahhhh! i think i'm gonna explode~~. hahaha. but when it comes to thinking that i'll be off from any classes in 1 week, that makes me keep smiling :) hehehee. pemalas punye aten! hahaha. k lah gtg. daa~

Sunday, December 27, 2009

long time no see.

its been like forever since the last time i wrote my last post.
hum now i ade d IIUM Gombak. it feels so different. dah x de lah my bestie mama kila n leyka, n adik syirin yg sngt best when horny dancing sm dia. hahahaa. now basically i just follow with the flow, i go to classes, n try to done all my assignments. eventhough now rase cm kosong je, dgn ketiadaan bf pd masa skrg ( mase nanti belum tentu ag ) n ayah dah catu duet. hahaha. 2 hari lepas i just spent rm5 for a day, hahahaa. gile susah. n smlm baru mintak balik duet dr epy, hope he'll pay my money back. emin ckp wajdee nak balik dr berlayar dah, tp since he left, ktorg lost contct, ntah la , hahaha. efan lak ckp mcm x serupa bikin. ckp nak jage me, tp dah 2 minggu x cntct. biar lah. i think i'll be okay without them, hahaha. now i'm trying to focusing on my studies, n i wanted to get a great scores. hum, kwn2 kt gombak seems okay je semua, tp dah lame x jumpe mama leyka n keyla, hum. ape ag ek na ckp? hahaha. actually i just make this acc for express my feelings, tp i think i'm not a good expressor lah, hahahahaa. hum gtg then. nk g termenung, hahahahaa

Saturday, November 21, 2009

one week to go!!

ahhhh. it's been like forever since the last time i updated my blog. hum nothing interesting happened since I staying in Sabah for the last 7 weeks. hahaha. but i cant wait to step on for the first time to IIUM Gombak. hehehe. after this, i'll be a real student. love?? that's so LAME!!! hahaha. x tau lah nape. tp rase cm nk bunuh je sume jantan yg ade kt muka bumi ni. hahahaha. hummm. GTG. mau pegi One Borneo. hahaha.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

GOMBAK, here I come!!!

after all the long and hard way, i finally pass all my examination.
after this i'll be doing my degree at IIUM GOMBAK.
so people, u better watch out, because there is new girl rules the town!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i miss them. fullstop.

hye all. its been pretty bored here at sabah. i actually kinda not liking to be here. always get scolded from my mum and dad, they said that i'm still not matured yet,
n my attitude is annoying,whatsoever lah! i just cant wait to go back to semenanjung.


budak group math n fizik
budak group english.
budak group il n programming.