Sunday, December 27, 2009

long time no see.

its been like forever since the last time i wrote my last post.
hum now i ade d IIUM Gombak. it feels so different. dah x de lah my bestie mama kila n leyka, n adik syirin yg sngt best when horny dancing sm dia. hahahaa. now basically i just follow with the flow, i go to classes, n try to done all my assignments. eventhough now rase cm kosong je, dgn ketiadaan bf pd masa skrg ( mase nanti belum tentu ag ) n ayah dah catu duet. hahaha. 2 hari lepas i just spent rm5 for a day, hahahaa. gile susah. n smlm baru mintak balik duet dr epy, hope he'll pay my money back. emin ckp wajdee nak balik dr berlayar dah, tp since he left, ktorg lost contct, ntah la , hahaha. efan lak ckp mcm x serupa bikin. ckp nak jage me, tp dah 2 minggu x cntct. biar lah. i think i'll be okay without them, hahaha. now i'm trying to focusing on my studies, n i wanted to get a great scores. hum, kwn2 kt gombak seems okay je semua, tp dah lame x jumpe mama leyka n keyla, hum. ape ag ek na ckp? hahaha. actually i just make this acc for express my feelings, tp i think i'm not a good expressor lah, hahahahaa. hum gtg then. nk g termenung, hahahahaa