Saturday, August 8, 2009

who will be THE ONE now?

hum. actually i want to share about something to whom read my blog.
now i feel so lonely. i know i sound like a desperate women, but that is just me.
i actually cant handle my life without a man (boyfriend in general).
nowadays, a lot of my friends always busy with their boyfriend. n its kinda gets me jealous or something, i mean they will reject to hang out with me because they have plans with their bf, i always thinking,. am i too bad for a relationship??
well.i dont know. but with all of previous relationship that i had was not my fault at all. MR.GTR was cute.funny and technically has anything.but he just cant get enough for just a girl.he wants more. then,i met MR.PATRICK. he was fun, and he has a lot of common with me such as we like same genre music. but then he ended up with me because of i dont want to lend him my money. and then,MR.Z. i want to admit that he is the WORSTTT!!! i wish i never met him. well. he is one year younger than me. but then.he dumped me to a more sexier girl.but i dont regret about ending our relationship .
n the last one until now is MR.SUGAR. he is fun though. he likes to listen what am i listen. but then,he asked me for my money(same problem) so i ended up with him.
n now. i just have a feeling about this guy that i already rejected,but in the end of the day,i realize that he the one that dont left me when i have problems.
but now,he on a ship because he now doing his practical for one year. before he went sailing, he gave me 'katak'.

now katak is the one that accompany me when i sleep.
but when i try to ask for second chance,he said that he dont feel the same way about me anymore.he said that we just meant to be just friend. n the most heartbreaker thing is he said that he now seeing with a girl. n he thinks that she is the one for him. it was a disaster to hear that, but then i try to rebuild my mental n physical.
but then when i want to go to bed everyday,i will thinking about this problem.
i am really2 lonely now.
help me.